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American Vision Photography

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Mission Statement


American Vision Products is a wholesale, hand crafted Premium Photograph Note Card business marketing to retail accounts primarily in the Western United States. We will be showcasing photography of local interest as well as the National Parks including landscape and wildlife images. Each photographer, Donald M. Jones, Chuck Haney and Paul Andes have a large portfolio, and are able to offer our clients with breathtaking images. This gives our clients the opportunity for one stop shopping in this product niche. We will strive to have stunning new images on a consistent basis while being competitive in our category pricing. Custom made marketing and displays highlighting the National Parks will also be available to select customers.

Product Description


Custom Made Photo Note Cards are produced in many different types by a number of vendors. Extensive customer feedback has helped us fine tune our Note Cards to fit their customer’s requests. It is why we sought the work of the best photographers in the business to be a part of our team. We use the following vendors to produce the best Note Card available to our clients.

Strathmore Embossed Linen Paper: Strathmore is the number one cardstock available to artists. Linen paper stock is coveted for several reasons. We love the embossed and framed presentation to adhere our prints to. It is also beautiful to write on. You will experience none of the problems associated with "glossy" cardstock when trying to write with ink. Beautiful photographs deserve to be mounted on beautiful cardstock, because you and your client are foremost in our thoughts. Each card of course is complimented with a matching envelope. 

Photo Video Plus: Professional photographers demand strict guidelines to print their work with consistency, so we have hired Paul Menssen as our only printer. All three of our photographers will not tolerate their images with color variations or exposure problems. Photo Video Plus are professionals who maintain these standards requested by each photographer.

Clear Bags: It is the nature of shoppers to see, touch and feel our product while making their selections. To avoid damage, we choose to seal our notecards with protective archival bags on every product.