Ordering Information

American Vision Photograph is a wholesale only, Handcrafted, Premium Photography Note Card business selling to Retail Clients. Retail clients with multiple storefronts are able to order for their individual locations and can sign in accordingly. We also cater to individual locations or online stores and encourage you to become a member. American Vision Photography has focused our business for a multitude of niches, including but not limited to our National Parks, locations of special interests and unequaled wildlife photography. American Vision Photography and the photographers have tried to create a one stop shopping experience for you and your stores needs. Donald M. Jones and Chuck Haney have nearly 1200 National and International Magazine covers, as well as 27 books to their credit.  


We encourage you to visit "About the Photographers" and become familiar with their bios. It will assist in identifying their particular photographing specialties.


"Mission Statement" gives our business background and description of the product(s) we sell.


"View Product by Subject": This area is designated for our wildlife ordering platform. Click here for a drop down menu for individual animal categories.


"View Product by Area":     This area is designated for our Landscape, National Park, Cityscapes and environment images. Click here for a drop down menu and identify which item you may be interested in.


After selecting a photograph to purchase, it will bring up the cart. We sell in batches of 6 cards per order. Cost is $15.00 for 6 cards and envelopes, which translates to a cost of $2.50 per card.


Displays are directly shipped to your location separately from our supplier. We carry 12 (counter model) and 48 (floor model) pocket spinner displays. Displays are $20.00 for the counter and $40.00 for the floor model. Displays will be sent on a new client only basis accompanied by the initial card order. Please let us know if you do not require a display with your initial order. Header cards will be supplied with the card order for new customers only.


Check out will ask for your account information and shipping address. Please fill in the requested shipping address if different from your business address.


Our Credit Cards are processed by Stripe. We take Visa, MasterCard and Discover.


Please use the contact information if we can address any questions or concerns.


We also encourage you to visit each photographer on the Gallery section for viewing images in larger format.


Thank you and we appreciate your business and interest.


Paul and Julie Andes